Signs to let you know it’s time to clean up the toxins in your body

Toxins are harmful, poisonous substance in the body. Our body is exposed to various physical and environmental sources that attracts these toxins. Toxins can also be accumulated internally without an external agent. This is particularly common when food isn’t properly digested. Toxins are common, they get stored in our body and it is when it gets to a particular level that it becomes harmful and hence the need for detoxification. Detoxification or detoxication is the act of removing these toxins from the body.

This short article lists signs that your body needs detoxification 

1. Unexplained weight gain

Lipophilic toxins are toxins in the body that produces fat as it stores toxins into the system. These toxins cause fat to the body and the result is that it is almost impossible to lose weight regardless of how much you try. The only solution to lose such weight is to remove such toxins is to detoxify

2. Excess desire and crave for sweet things

An excess craving for sugar is a bad thing, and a sign that something isn’t right. This wouldn’t just damage some cells in the body, but also risk the sugar level going high. Detoxifying in this situation is the best thing to do as it balances the system by eradicating unnecessary substance in the system.

3. Tiredness 

Some toxins in the body can make the adrenal gland function inappropriately, causing adrenal fatigue. This makes you feel lazy and sleepy even when you have had decent amount of sleep. This is caused when the toxin builds up and cause imbalance and disruption in communication between the adrenal and the brain.

4. Unpleasant Smell

When these toxins accumulate in the body over a long period of time, it can lead to unwanted smells like body odour. The body naturally tries to detoxify itself. If you discover that despite keeping good hygiene, using the good deodorant or trying hard to expel every form of offensive odour from the body or mouth, the offensive smell still finds its way to be a cause of embarrassment. It’s time to help the body. You should consider detoxifying immediately.

5. Skin reaction

The liver is the main agent that detoxifies the body. But when the liver malfunctions like having too much toxins, other organ like the skin will give a helping hand as the skin also eliminate waste through sweating. This isn’t the main job of the skin and would thus the skin to react. This would cause you to have acne, eczema, boil, skin rashes or even body odour.

6. Constipation

It is important for the body to remove waste correctly daily. Constipation occurs when waste in the body moves too slowly through the digestive tract or cannot be eliminated effectively. This happens when toxins buildup in the bloodstream and makes it difficult function properly.

7. Unable to sleep properly

The cortisol and melatonin are hormones in the body that makes you sleep or stay awake. The cortisol particularly deals with stress and can make you stay awake. When too much toxins buildup in the body, it can make the cortisol or sometimes even the melatonin malfunction thereby sending the wrong message. Too much toxins might not be the only cause Insomnia. However, it is better to detoxify when you can’t explain your sleeplessness.


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