An anopheles mosquito bite transmits the sickness known as malaria. The plasmodium kind of mosquito is the one that transmits malaria. One of the most fatal and life-threatening infections in the world is malaria. The parasite known as plasmodium enters the bloodstream and then goes to the liver, where it develops and multiplies. This parasite begins to assault and infect red blood cells in the human body after about two weeks, which causes them to burst open. Maintaining a clean environment and avoiding water logging are important for preventing malaria since these insects grow in stagnant water. In addition to that, there are several home treatments for malaria prevention that you should try.  This disease is the most common in regions with tropical and sub tropical climate. Malaria can be transferred from an infected mother to her unborn baby, through blood transfusions, by used syringes and organ transplants from an infected person to a healthy person. It can be prevented by avoiding mosquito bites by using mosquito repellents and nets. Medications to fight malaria are developed and doctors treat the patient according to the type of parasite they are infected by.


Quinine, which may be found in grapefruit, is thought to be effective at neutralizing parasites that cause malaria. It helps to kill parasites and fortifies the immune system. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice should be consumed by malaria patients. Grapefruit pulp may be boiled to extract quinoline directly. It contains a significant quantity of carbs along with a potent combination of dietary fibers, vitamins A and C. It is also a well-known antioxidant and is effective as a malaria home treatment.


The anti-inflammatory compound cinnamaldehyde, which is present in cinnamon, has significant medical benefit. There are several anti-parasitic properties in this spice. Consuming it instantly relieves the bodily soreness often associated with malaria. The mixture can be cooked with water and consumed with honey. It also cures nausea, cramping, and lack of appetite. Consuming this mixture might be a highly effective home cure for malaria.

Sacred basil

The main signs of malaria are frequent joint and body discomfort. The popular herb holy basil is used to treat joint pain and inflammation. It might be a fantastic home treatment for malaria symptoms. It’s also found in a lot of ayurvedic medications and is considered to be effective against a lot of illnesses, including malaria. A person with malaria can boil some basil in water and eat it with honey, or they can infuse it with tea. When malaria fever is at its worst, a basil and black pepper paste can be prepared and consumed.

The popular herb basil is used to treat joint pain and inflammation.

Fever nuts

These nuts have seeds within that have powerful therapeutic qualities. It strengthens the immune system and alleviates malaria fever. By lowering the soaring body temperatures, this plant successfully heals the malarial symptom and aids in the recovery of the individual who has malaria fever. One of the finest natural treatments for malaria symptoms is fever nuts. One of the finest natural malaria prevention methods is use this.


Ginger may have properties that aid to reduce motion sickness, fever, body aches, and improving appetite. Every Indian family has access to ginger, which may be utilized as a natural medicine to treat malaria and its symptoms. It can be ingested after being heated in water to hasten the healing process. It contains built-in antibacterial qualities that can be strengthened if consumed with raisins. One of the finest natural malaria prevention methods is use this.

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