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Your liver, the second-largest organ in your body, performs 500 essential functions. According to Dr. Alqahtani, “Your liver eliminates all poisons, clears medications from your body, and metabolizes [breaks down] all your meals.”

Additionally, it controls hormone levels, produces bile, which aids in the absorption of fats, stores sugar for times when you need it, and modifies cholesterol levels. That’s all in a day’s work for your liver.

What possibly could go wrong?
Although your liver health may not be front of mind right now, if it were to malfunction, you wouldn’t have much else to worry about. liver disease,

Your liver may be unable to carry out its essential functions if liver cells are replaced with scar tissue. The same goes for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which is rapidly becoming a pandemic among obese people and can result in cirrhosis. Dr. Alqahtani claims that if your liver stopped functioning, poisons would build up, you wouldn’t be able to digest food, and drugs wouldn’t ever leave your body.

You can’t even survive a week without your liver.

Here is a list of preventative measures for liver disease. Some of these are good habits that you already possess. You could have never thought about others. Follow these suggestions to maintain good liver health.


Exercise caution when consuming alcohol.

You’re wrong if you believe that cirrhosis of the liver exclusively affects chronic, hopeless drinkers. Hard liquor in quantities of just four ounces for males and two for women per day can cause liver damage.

Cleanse produce and avoid toxins.

Your liver can be harmed by chemicals and pesticides. Check the labels on the substances you use for warnings.

Hepatitis A, B, and C prevention

Obtain a vaccine: The viral diseases hepatitis A and B affect the liver. Although many youngsters have already had their vaccinations, many adults have not. If you’re concerned, ask your doctor.

Safe sex practices: Both hepatitis B and C can progress into chronic illnesses that could eventually cause liver failure. They are spread by body fluids such as blood.

Wash your hands before eating or drinking anything since hepatitis A is transmitted through such contact.

Watch warily for drugs and herbal remedies.

Dr. Alqahtani cautions that the liver is “the number one reason clinical [medical] studies are terminated or medications pulled from the market,” adding that “20% of liver harm in the U.S. is caused by supplements.” Known liver toxins are included in a database maintained by the National Institutes of Health.

Healthy eating and exercise
Avoid obesity to prevent fatty liver disease.

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