Certain foods might make your teeth appear yellow by fading their whiteness. In light of this, we’d like to provide you with a list of some foods that might cause tooth discoloration.

Other Acidic Foods Besides Lemons
People frequently consume nutritious meals rich in acid and add lemon to their drinks. Despite being incredibly healthy for you, they are bad for your teeth. The enamel may progressively be eaten away by the acid, revealing dentin that has a yellow tint.

Tea, Coffee, And Soda
You run the danger of having dull or yellowed teeth if you drink coffee, tea, or soft beverages. Tea and coffee contain tannins that stain teeth. They also change the pH balance in your tongue, which might hasten the harm caused by eating acidic foods.

Brown Berries
Do you recall the TV ads that warned people that berries can discolor their dentures? Because of the pigment in your teeth, the same thing also applies to them. Dark berries, however, provide several health advantages. Just remember to clean your teeth right away if you do.

Wine discolors teeth, whether they are white or red. The annoying tiny tannins in red wines cling to your teeth and stain them, much like they do with coffee. White wine has a higher acid content, which damages the enamel. This makes it so that items adhere to those pockets, causing discoloration from other meals in addition to discoloring the appearance of your teeth. You merely need to consume wine in moderation going forward, not entirely stopping.

Sweets & Candies
There is no need to go into depth because we constantly lecture our patients on the drawbacks of candy and other sugary goodies. While many meals have several health advantages, candies and sweets have none, therefore it is best to just stay away from them. In addition, brushing and flossing as soon as you can after indulging in something sweet will prevent the sugar from sticking to your teeth.

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