According to research conducted by Johns Hopkins over eight years involving 6,200 men and women, individuals who followed four wise practices dramatically decreased their risk of dying from any cause during that time by a whopping 80%.

How To Prolong Life? These four variables are all under your control.

Avoid Smoking.
Even while adopting all four lifestyle characteristics is your greatest bet for living longer, if you had to pick just one, this is it, according to the research.

Smoking damages the lungs and coronary arteries, and it increases the risk of stroke and cancer in smokers.

Keep A Healthy Weight.

The study’s healthiest participants had a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25, which is a measurement of body mass derived from the ratio of height to weight.

Try using a free BMI calculator to determine your BMI. Get started on lifestyle adjustments 3 and 4 as soon as possible to achieve (and maintain) a healthy BMI.

Move And Stand Up.
On most days of the week, aim for roughly 30 minutes of movement every day. Consider splitting it up into three 10-minute exercise sessions each day: a morning walk, a walk after lunch, and a walk after the evening.

Make wholesome food selections.
The survey discovered that those with the best health ate in the Mediterranean way. A diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, tree nuts with healthy oils, fish (and less red meat), whole-grain carbohydrates, and olive oil for cooking are therefore recommended.


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